Ellise sitting in a hammock
A wild linguist in her natural habitat

I am currently in my second year of the Master's program in General Linguisitics at the University of Rochester, and I will be contining on to a PhD at Rochester, jointly between the departments of Linguistics and Philosophy. I received my BA from Montana State University in English Literature, with a minor in French.

I'm interested in what things mean and how they can mean them. My research focuses on a variety of subfields in semantics, including lexical semantics, computational models of semantic theory, and the syntax-semantics interface. I am particularily interested in abstract nouns, including their syntactic distributuion and how they interact with countability and quantification. My other side research interests include literacy, the history of writing systems, dictionaries, internet language and humor, Marxist theory, and writing center theory.

When I'm not in class or doing research, you can find me playing board games, messing around in the kitchen, writing poetry, brewing big pots of tea, curating my meme collection, thrift shopping, and baking banana bread on a semi-weekly basis.